STRAUB KG, Germany

Comfortable and functional air dispersion solution for STRAUB KG

The successful company STRAUB needed an air dispersion solution for cooling in two areas: the warehouse and packaging, and a special production area (anti-static area).


Combi 30, Lite 20

Suspension Type

Type 8

Total Air Flow

120 Pa | 4.962 m³/h | 2.800 m³/h

Flow models

MicroFlow™, SonicFlow™


STRAUB is the world’s leading supplier of distribution solutions in stainless steel. They are pioneers in the production of modern radiator and floor connection distributors, distribution cabinets and control systems and they have won the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award in 2000.

For the warehouse and packaging area, they needed an air dispersion solution, which would be comfortable for the employees, ensuring a supply of fresh air and cooling the room to the desired temperature. The area was warm and stuffy and smelled of varnish and paint, thus in need of a fresh air supply.

In the special production area, which is an anti-static, hazardous work area, they needed dispersion of conditioned air.

The aim was to ensure that the assembly could be carried out quickly and easily.

We first met STRAUB during the ISH 2019 expo in Frankfurt and after careful consideration they selected a FabricAir solution due to our service package.


The Warehouse and Packaging Area

Tailored in blue FabricAir® Combi 30 with the STRAUB logo printed on the ducting. Optimized airflow is achieved by combining 360° MicroFlow™ and SonicFlow™; the laser-cut perforation patterns in the non-permeable fabric enables a draft-free air dispersion. Type 8, H-rail suspension was hung by the customer by means of chains from the ceiling.

The Special Production Area 

Tailored in durable, non-permeable, blue FabricAir® Lite 20, which has anti-static properties, with printed STRAUB logos. The ideal, draft-free airflow patterns were created by combining SonicFlow™ and MicroFlow™ 360°. Suspended using Type 8.


Following a site inspection by our experts, the tailor-made air dispersion solution was designed in cooperation with the plant management of STRAUB.

From design to implementation, everything went according to the plan, and the delivery and assembly was carried out quickly.

After the installation, the air in the area that used to be stuffy and smelly, was significantly fresher and the odor pollution was greatly minimized.

STRAUB is very satisfied with the result and the employees have already given positive feedback. A comfortable, draft-free indoor environment has been created.