Sunnybrae Estate event room, South Australia

Customized Aesthetic Air Dispersion Solution in Stately Event Room

When the Marquee event room needed a comfortable and lightweight air dispersion solution, FabricAir dispersion system was the preferred aesthetic choice.


Combi 60

Suspension Type

Type 8, All-in-One

Total Air Flow

17.238 m³/h

Flow Models

SonicFlow™, FabFlow™


Located in Adelaide, South Australia, the beautiful grounds and event rooms of Sunnybrae Estate is a popular venue for weddings, ceremonies and other social events.

The Sunnybrae Estate was privately owned and used as farmland in the 1880s. Today the Estate has been respectfully renovated to serve a wide array of events divided between four unique event spaces.

The Marquee is one of the Sunnybrae Estate’s event rooms. It has a high ceiling and a white curved roof with clear sides, which adds a touch of luxury to the event. Designed elegantly and aesthetically, the Marquee can hold up to 480 visitors, depending on the type of event.

Adding air dispersion to the Marquee required a touch of finesse and occupant comfort was of the highest importance. Thus, FabricAir dispersion technology was selected to the project.


Through Air Conditioning Systems (ACS) we delivered a solution with white ducts that blend aesthetically into the ceiling while providing the most comfortable even airflow regardless of the number of occupants. The solution is draft-free and ensures an even temperature distribution across the conditioned space.

The solution is tailored in Combi 60 using SonicFlow™ and FabFlow™ to create the ideal flow pattern and mixing.

To highlight the light and airy interior design the ducts are suspended via Type 8 All-In-One, which ensures an aesthetic look even when the system is off.

The delicate white color accentuates the luxe feeling of the interior design scheme.

Using FabFlow™ in combination with SonicFlow™ prevents dust and other particles from collecting on or inside the ducting, thus maintaining the beautiful and delicate design over time.


The result is stylish air dispersion solution that provides optimized comfort regardless of the number of people attending events in the Marquee.

By utilizing the lightweight nature of the fabric-based technology to provide the ideal air dispersion, ACS has created a solution that lives up to the luxurious feel of the Sunnybrae Estate and blends naturally and discreetly into the design scheme providing the perfect backdrop for weddings and other important events.

“A FabricAir solution made perfect sense for this application for a number of the usual reasons being that the solution is light weight and architecturally attractive, while delivering large air volumes comfortable for the occupants. It is yet another project to add to our expanding number of both marquee and hospitality applications.” – Robert Vogrig, Air Conditioning Systems P/L.