Taastrup Natatorium, Denmark

Unforseen installation challenges called for a quick solution

When a contractor met unforeseen installation challenges, FabricAir was selected to supply the replacement ducts, due to our short lead time.


Combi 80

Suspension Type

Type 13, SS

Total Air Flow

2x 24.000 m³/h

Flow Models

MicroFlow™, FabFlow™


DISH (Danske Idrætssvømmehaller) was selected to supply the new pool in Taastrup, Denmark.

The project featured fabric ducts, but as the contractor met an unforeseen installation challenge with the original set of ducts, DISH approached FabricAir for a quick solution.


We delivered a solution consisting of two white Ø1400 ducts in Combi 80 fabric, with double H-rail anti-corrosive stainless steel suspension and a combination of 360° MicroFlow™ and FabFlow™ for even, draft free air dispersion. In addition, we delivered the ducting for the women’s locker room.

The combination of flow models ensures efficient dispersion of fresh air to feather the evaporating chlorine gasses, which is important to create a healthy indoor climate for occupants in the pool area.


The facility comprises a 50m swimming pool, locker rooms and commercial spaces as well as facility management areas.

FabricAir delivered the air dispersion solution for the pool area and the result is a comfortable and healthy indoor climate with a ventilation system that integrates with the architecture in an aesthetically pleasing way.

“We focus on innovative solutions and intelligent use of materials to make natatoriums affordable for municipalities and sports clubs. It’s a simple approach which builds on functional solutions and high quality. The air dispersion systems from FabricAir are thus an easy tap-in to our concept and we look forward to collaborating on future projects,”- says Lars Warm, CEO, DISH.