UAB Haltex, Alytus, Lithuania

Sportswear factory achieves Less noise and higher comfort

When UAB HALTEX experienced issues with the work environment and IAQ during hot spring and summer days, HALTEX’s management started looking for a better solution. After checking all available products on the European market, they settled on a FabricAir Dispersion Solution due to an aesthetic look, even air distribution, a significantly reduced noise level and a fast delivery resulting in a quick resolution of the issues.


Combi 30

Suspension Type

Type 1, AIO

Total Air Flow

2 x 5.410 m³/h, 120 Pa

Flow Models

SonicFlow™, MicroFlow™


UAB HALTEX manufactures bespoke sportswear. At the garment factory in Alytus employees were struggling with uncomfortable work conditions during hot days, and the noise level from the existing air dispersion solution was almost unbearable.

Two aging metal ducts supplied the production floor with fresh air. Their placement meant that the air did not reach the people working on left side of building.

Also, as 5.410 m³/h of air was supplied through Ø250 mm metal ducting, the air velocity inside the ductwork was 30,6 m/s causing significant vibration and reverberation, thus consequently very loud noise.

Finally, the ceiling was covered by corrugated sheet metal and the air inlets were placed at the middle and left side of building, which were important

considerations for the design of the new solution.

A FabricAir dispersion system proved to be the perfect for solution to solve these issues. It was chosen due to the even air dispersion, the LowNoise™ capabilities and the aesthetic looks.


We delivered a solution in Combi 30 with Type 1 All-In-One suspension consisting of two separate systems.

The 1st system supplies air from inlet, which is placed in the middle of the building; and 2nd system supplies air to left and right sides of the building.

Due to the special shape of the building and the existing pipelines, lighting fixtures, etc. we designed the system using elbows to overcome these obstacles without compromising functionality.

The FabricAir dispersion system eliminated the previous hot and cold zones, and reduced the noise level significantly.


The result is a highly effective air dispersion system, that ensures a comfortable work environment for all UAB HALTEX employees – also those on the left side of the building. This is due to the even air distribution and the significantly reduced noise level.

The fast delivery meant that the work environment issues could be quickly resolved.

Due to the nature of the technology, fabric ducting is especially well-suited for industrial buildings, where even air distribution is needed. The system is designed for each project individually, ensuring the elimination of hot or cold spots or stale air zones.

The technology enables a high air change at low velocity, which means that the ducts are virtually silent.

Also, the lightweight nature of fabric ducting means it is easy to install in existing buildings and it will not affect the structural integrity.