Vidrio, Spain


The facilities of the Vidrio packaging plant required an air distribution system to ensure the good condition of the fruit through accurate and precise control of the temperature, humidity of the environment, and impeccable hygiene.


Combi 20, Combi 30

Suspension type

Type 08 AiO, Type 12

Total airflow

24.000 m3/h


MicroFlow™, SonicFlow™


ILERFRED, the installation company, worked with our FabricAir team to develop a fabric-based air distribution solution for the air conditioning project for the 5 rooms in the Vidrio packaging facilities.

The installed ducts have a combination of SonicFlow and MicroFlow flow models and a type 12 suspension in the semi-circular ductwork and type 8 All-In-One made of anodized aluminum that complies with REACH and RHOSS recycling regulations and facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the ducts.


A total of 250 meters of fabric ducts were installed with semicircular and circular sections in blue, matching the colors of the warehouse, and manufactured in Combi 20 and Combi 30 fabrics to optimize the investment, since these installations are only in operation during the summer months, and to ensure optimal hygiene and easy maintenance.