Watermarc, Greensborough, Australia

High humidity called for a non -corrosive solution; aesthetics called for colorful ducts

The architect and consulting engineer preferred the non-corrosive nature of fabric ducting to create a marvelous colorful design for the largest aquatic and leisure facility in the northern region of Victoria, Australia.


Combi 60

Suspension Type

Type 8, AIO

Total Air Flow

175.842 m³/h

Flow Models



WaterMarc is the largest aquatic and leisure facility in the northern region of Victoria, Australia. It was designed by Peedle Thorp Architects, who wanted to make use of colorful fabric ducts to create a marvelous design.

Waterman AHW was the consulting engineer on this regional multiactivity center and they recommended FabricAir for the project to benefitfrom the non-corrosive nature of our ducts.

Controlling air velocity was vital to safeguard against uncontrolled evaporation from the water surface and create a draft-free environment for the guests.


The solution we delivered was designed to play a role in the architecture of the space through the use of color. Light grey and blue Combi 60 ducts with NozzFlow™ were suspended by Type 8, All-In-One to ensure great looks with and without air.

Our solution is not affected by the high humidity in the hall and thanks to efficient air dispersion the air velocity and temperature are precisely controlled.


The result is a non-corrosive, technically superior solution that also looks great with its colorful and aesthetic appearance.

“Fabric ducts were chosen for this project because they are the most suitable in a corrosive environment and will not be affected like metal ducts would have.

The architect was happy with the fabric ducts from an aesthetic perspective; the attractive look of the ducts makes them a part of the architecture and acts as great decorative element. But most important was that it is suitable in a corrosive environment.”
Says Michael Becker, Air Conditioning Systems.