Žalgiris Arena Water Sports Center, Lithuania


Olympic-standard 50-metre, 10-lane swimming pool (compliant with FINA requirements), 528-seat spectator stands, 8-meter deep, 25-meter long children’s learning pool, 6,000-square-metre double spa area with a wide range of aquatic activities. All these aquatic zones needed to be equipped with a tailored air distribution solution, which had to be integrated into the wholesome interior design of a new structure of Žalgiris Arena Water Sports Center in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Combi 90

Suspension Type

Type 1, AiO

Total Air Flow

68.300 m³/h

Flow Models

MicroFlow™ and PerfoFlow™


The brand-new air distribution system consists of over 700 meters of Combi 90 Ø630 Round fabric ducts that ensure a uniform air dispersion across the whole premises. The ducts were equipped with a MicroFlow and PerfoFlow flow models, this combination will guarantee the uniform air distribution without any uncomfortable drafts. This state-of-the-art HVAC system was installed with a Type1 AiO suspension in the gaps made for them in the ceiling, so it would be just a perfect match for the surroundings.


As the new Water Sports Center has been open, every visitor and sports enthusiast is enjoying the unrivaled air quality at the premises. There are no unpleasant drafts that might have an effect on athletes’ and regular swimmers’ health and the fabric used has antimicrobial properties, therefore it will prevent all possible health risks, including the growth of mold and bacteria on the ducts. In addition, fabric ducts were masterfully integrated into the wholesome design of the area of aquatic zones and became an inseparable part of the building.

Photo credits: Mantas Zinkevičius