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A large volume of tempered “make up” air was required to create a positive pressure within the factory and to replace air removed by extraction systems. Due to access limitations and weight restrictions, textile ducting was the ideal solution. Duct diameters were 1,600 mm x 60 m long with many changes of direction terminating in 5 m vertical sections with 360 degree x 12 mm diameter holes in the air distribution.

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Combi 85

The fabric is non-permeable and comes with a 10 year warranty.


With PerfoFlowTM the air exits the duct via laser cut perforations along the circumference of the duct. The perforations can cover between 90° and 360° of the duct’s circumference. 

Type 8 / Type 8 AIO

Type 8 H-rail suspension is a method of suspending FabricAir ducts. The H-rail, so named because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made out of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments.