FabricAir dispersion and distribution systems comprises three main elements: fabric, flow model, and suspension. By combining the ideal solutions from each element FabricAir creates a customized air distribution system tailored to your specific needs. This approach ensures supreme air dispersion and comfort regardless of the complexity of the project requirements.

FabricAir offers many choices of fabric and color for our ducts. Your choice of fabric will depend on the aesthetics as well as flexibility, air flow, fire resistance and maintenance cost. 

FabricAir-luchtkanalen zijn flexibel, omdat ze de mogelijkheid bieden verschillende uitblaasmodellen te combineren afhankelijk van uw wensen en eisen. Een op maat gemaakt luchtverdeelsysteem garandeert superieure luchtverdeling, een uitstekend comfort en een ongeëvenaard binnenklimaat.

FabricAir dispersion and distribution systems can be installed in numerous ways. Each suspension system comes with its own benefits and best practice recommendations, offering a unique set of qualities and the greatest flexibility to your system.

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