3 schools in Latvia equipped with fabric ducts

It has been recognized in many countries that good air quality in educational institutions directly contributes to a healthier microclimate and better learning outcomes for children and students. Three schools in Latvia have also decided to install new fabric-based air distribution systems instead of the old metal ducts during renovations.

Before the renovations, expensive, unsightly metal duct systems were designed, which did not ensure adequate indoor air quality and air dispersion. Therefore, the installers were offered the FabricAir duct alternative, made from fabric.

“Recently, we have seen a significant increase in interest from educational institutions. Kindergartens, schools and even higher education establishments are turning to us to install our solution in their premises because they understand the benefits of quality air for students. We know that with our fabric-based HVAC solutions, we can create an environment that contributes to the well-being of our youth and allows them to feel comfortable in classrooms or auditoriums”, says Paulius Šarapnickis, Sales Engineer for the Baltic States at FabricAir.

A total of 179 D-shape fabric ducts were installed in all three schools. Over 600 meters of ducts were made of light grey Cobi 20 fabric which were combined with Type 11A suspension system, allowing the ducts to fit perfectly to the existing suspended ceiling and look pleasing in the interior. The MacroFlow airflow models were chosen to censure a silent, uniform, and draft-free air distribution in the classrooms.

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