A+ school environment for the future generation in Spain

The return to classrooms involves schools reviewing their ventilation systems. The Paidos school in Sant Fruitós de Bages, Spain, has prepared its facilities with a technology that contributes to the health and safety of children, teachers, and workers returning to the world of education. To achieve this goal, the school representatives contacted FabricAir.

With the collaboration of the company Cots i Claret for its installation, the school was equipped with ducts made of our Combi 80 and Combi 90 fabrics. In addition, they combined the MicroFlow and SonicFlow flow models to achieve a uniform diffusion of air in the occupied area, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere throughout the space, and eliminating drafts and risks of condensation.

“The well-being of children is paramount to everyone, including us. That is why we feel honored that Paidos school chose our solution to ensure the highest indoor air quality for our future generations. Now, with the proper air distribution solution on the premises, the children will be able to learn and enjoy their days without the excessive CO2 levels”, says Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta, Sales Director at FabricAir Spain.

Besides the healthy environmental conditions, this fabric-based HVAC solution also offers unique sound-absorbing properties that virtually eliminate noise, providing added value to young knowledge-seekers and their teachers.

The ducts are supported by Type 8 360 suspension with an anodized aluminum rail that complies with REACH and RHOSS recycling regulations and rings that maintain the shape of the ducts even when no air is flowing through them.

In total, 120 meters of light gray textile ducts were installed that fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the space and are designed to weigh very little, facilitating the transport and installation process, and reducing the carbon footprint. The lightweight structures generate a smaller amount of CO2 during production, and transportation, compared to conventional metal air diffusion systems.


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