Bavarian car manufacturer relies on FabricAir’s solutions

FabricAir, a global leading fabric-based air dispersion solution provider, has a large team of skilled engineers that can design air distribution systems for virtually any application. Decades of experience in the HVAC industry have made us an attractive partner for global companies. Now, our high-quality air distribution system has attracted the attention of a Bavarian car manufacturer’s production facility. Among other things, batteries are manufactured in the production hall, which is why the air distribution system has to meet particularly stringent hygiene requirements.

FabricAir engineers designed the system to distribute the air evenly in all production areas. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations were employed to illustrate the performance of the planned system. This allowed important factors such as the flow patterns, flow velocities, and temperature distribution to be precisely examined and evaluated.

“Automotive industry is on the boom these days. Many car manufacturers are searching for the solutions in their production lines, to create perfect conditions for extremely expensive and sensitive equipment and a comfortable and safe environment for their employees. We are proud, that global brands choose FabricAir as their go-to air distribution solution provider”, says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager at FabricAir Germany and Austria.

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