Custom air distribution system in 9 days

Vulkan, a global manufacturer of flexible couplings and solderless pipe connections, found itself in a need to renovate production facilities and install state-of-the-art HVAC technology to ensure perfect comfort for all employees in their production rooms in Germany. The company’s representatives turned to FabricAir to design a custom fabric-based air distribution system.

Workers in the production area have been exposed to unpleasant effects from the metal ducts. The production rooms were becoming too hot and it would become very unpleasant. In addition, ventilation of the premises led to the formation of cold zones and condensation in certain areas of the production area.

FabricAir’s engineers developed a fabric duct system to ensure that these problems are solved and that the employees feel the highest level of comfort. The new system also helped with eliminating uncomfortable drafts.

“We are delighted that very large manufacturing companies strive to ensure the well-being of their employees and provide them with maximum comfort at work. And they choose FabricAir fabric ducts as one of the solutions to enhance their facilities. I am also extremely proud that we managed to deliver the system from the order confirmation to the site in 9 days”, says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager at FabricAir Germany and Austria.

The company chose blue Combi 20 ducts, which became a distinctive element in the production area and brightened up the interior of the premises. Vulkan also wished to create an air distribution system that would contribute to energy savings, therefore they chose adiabatic cooling units that make a perfect match with FabricAir ducts. To ensure uniform air dispersion in all production rooms, the ducts were equipped with SonicFlow and PerfoFlow flow models. And the installation of the ducts was as swift as the client expected. There was a need to install the ducts without stopping production and this requirement was filled out without any difficulties or unexpected halts.

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