Custom colors and air distribution for a two-level restaurant

The Cinco Mexican Cantina restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, USA has installed a unique air dispersion system with custom-designed and engineered fabric duct from FabricAir. The duct was also manufactured in a custom color to match the restaurant’s brand and add aesthetic appeal to the multi-level dining room.

One of the key attributes of the FabricAir fabric duct is its efficiency regardless of ceiling height, which is important in a multi-level restaurant application.

FabricAir fabric duct in a custom color installed in the Cinco Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The system is designed for maximum occupant comfort, with no diffusers, grills, or dampers to balance in the HVAC system, making the installation process faster and easier. The duct is also draft-free, ensuring the air is distributed evenly and gently throughout the space.

To accommodate the multiple levels of the restaurant, a unique suspension system was specially designed for the project. The system allows the FabricAir ducts to be suspended at different heights and angles throughout the restaurant, ensuring efficient and effective air distribution.

According to Billy Farr, Inside Sales and Support Manager for FabricAir, “The FabricAir system is the perfect solution for a multi-level restaurant like Cinco, where efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics are all important factors. We are delighted to have been involved in this project and to have helped create an environment that is both comfortable and visually appealing for diners.”

The fabric air dispersion system with custom-designed and engineered fabric duct was the ideal solution for the Cinco Mexican Cantina restaurant. The system’s easy installation, condensation-free design, draft-free operation, versatility, and unique suspension system allowed for efficient and effective air distribution while also adding to the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal.

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