Elevating theatre experience with barely visible fabric ducts

A few months ago, the municipal theater of Berga, Spain, decided to renovate its facilities with an ambient air quality system in the main hall, selecting FabricAir as their fabric air diffusion system provider.

The city of Berga is located in a mountainous area characterized by good fresh air quality. For this reason, they decided to use a system to improve the quality of ambient air through control with CO2 probes. With this system, the stale air inside the theater is renewed with fresh air from outside up to 10 times per hour and is done mechanically by a fan conducting the air through fabric ducts.

“Fabric-based air distribution solutions can be applied to a wide range of applications, and entertainment spaces are no exception. Particularly in theatres, where they serve not only as air diffusion systems, but also as a way to contribute to extremely good acoustics. Fabric ducts do not emit any additional sound and are also very quiet, while at the same time providing the highest quality indoor air for all the occupants”, says Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta, Sales Director at FabricAir Spain.

FabricAir engineers, cooperating with technicians from the installation company ID Clima, tailored the state-of-the-art system that diffuses the air evenly throughout the room. The black Combi 90 fabric was used for the system, as it is highly resistant material that is suitable for applications with high hygienic requirements, thanks to its antimicrobial properties and simple washability. In addition, the ducts blended into the environment and became an integral part of the theatre’s interior design.

This custom designed system also features a combination of SonicFlow, NozzFlow and OriFlow flow models that achieve very high homogeneity, pleasant air velocity throughout the occupied area of the room and eliminates all condensation. The fabric ducts are supported by corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum rails (Type 8 suspension) and, due to All-in-One shape retention components, maintain the perfect shape of the ducts even when no air is flowing through them.

The goal of reducing investment and achieving exceptional air quality has thus been achieved. FabricAir fabric-based air distribution system offers an unmatched low noise level due to the high number of laser-cut perforations, the attenuation of the duct in the room, and uniform distribution. FabricAir solutions are virtually inaudible from all parts of the room during performances and projections, making any event much more enjoyable.

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