Eliminating health risks in a brand-new indoor sports center in Madrid

Madrid City Council proposed the construction of a new Sports Center “La Cebada”. The sports center, located in the transforming neighborhood of Lavapiés, will have a gym, a sports court, and an outdoor space on the top floor. The installation company Serrazar, chose FabricAir’s fabric-based air distribution solution to be installed in the swimming pool and the sports center’s indoor sports court.

FabricAir designed a tailored solution of black fabric ducts that fits perfectly with the space aesthetics suspended by an anodized aluminum rail that complies with the REACH and RHOSS regulations for recycling. In addition, this system facilitates the assembly and disassembly of large diameter fabric ducts.

The solution is implemented with SonicFlow and PerfoFlow flow models that ensure a homogeneous, pleasant, and draft-free air diffusion to provide a safe space with optimal environmental conditions. This fabric-based solution also offers unique sound properties that practically eliminate noise, providing added value to the comfortable environment for all the occupants.

It is known that closed pools can create a very humid indoor environment, and a diffusion system based on sheet metal would be prone to rust and require constant maintenance, resulting in a significant investment. The ducts installed by FabricAir are made of the Combi 85 fabric material that guarantees optimal hygiene and very simple maintenance. Ducts made of these same fabrics were also installed on the indoor court, adapting them to the room’s design to constantly renew the air to prevent odors and minimize air currents that could cause muscle injuries.

The chosen fabrics have a certification for controlled environments associated with class 3 cleaning and are designed to be lightweight, facilitating the transport and installation process. Since the order was confirmed and the documentation was verified to be correct, the system was delivered in less than 10 days and it took only 3 days to install.

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