Innovative fabric ducting keeps employees comfortable in temporary office space

Temporary office spaces can be challenging to adapt, especially when considering airflow for the comfort of employees. During the construction of a new office space, many businesses are forced to move into temporary locations. These spaces are often less than ideal and can be challenging to design for optimal comfort. In particular, air-conditioning systems can be difficult to configure in temporary spaces, which can lead to uncomfortable working conditions for employees.

A Mercedes Benz dealership in Austin, Texas was in the process of building a new office space, but while the construction was ongoing, the employees needed a temporary office. The dealership wanted to maintain the high-end image associated with the Mercedes Benz brand, even in a temporary space, so they needed a solution that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

FabricAir fabric duct installed in a temporary office space

FabricAir’s innovative fabric ducting solution provides a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal ducting making it ideal for temporary spaces. The white Combi 20 fabric with the type 08 suspension was chosen for its stable mount and aesthetically pleasing look. The type 08 suspension is designed to provide a stable mount for larger diameter fabric duct with shape retention systems such as All-in-One. All-in-One ensures that the fabric duct retains its round shape even when the system is turned off, keeping a consistent look.

Mechanical Reps, Inc. represented FabricAir on the project while AiRCO contractors in Round Rock, Texas handled the installation of the fabric ducting with guidance from FabricAir Territory Manager, Randy Harvey. Due to the temporary, flexible nature of the space, some adjustments needed to be made to fit the space, but were resolved quickly on-site without any delays. The result was a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution that met the needs of the temporary office space.

FabricAir’s fabric ducting solution offers several benefits over traditional metal ducting. The fabric ducts are lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain. They are also designed to distribute air evenly throughout the space, eliminating hot and cold spots. This ensures that all employees are comfortable, regardless of their location in the temporary space.

When designing a temporary office space, comfort is key. FabricAir’s innovative fabric ducting solution provided an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for the dealership employees in their temporary office. The white Combi 20 fabric with the type 08 suspension and All-in-One shape retention system ensures a stable and consistent look, even in a temporary space. With the guidance of FabricAir experts, the installation was completed quickly and efficiently, providing a functional and attractive solution for the space.

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