FabricAir Collaboration Creates Thought-Provoking Gallery Installation

FabricAir, known for its fabric-based air distribution systems, has teamed up with artist Mathias Ringennberg, also known as PRICE, in a unique expression that merges technology and art. This collaboration demonstrates the diverse applications of fabric air dispersion innovations, not only as functional ventilation solutions but also as integral components for creating immersive experiences in both gallery installations and stage productions.

Fabric ducting has long been employed in art galleries globally for its ability to offer quiet, draft-free ventilation. The “L’Air du Temps (air conditions)” gallery installation goes beyond mere functionality to explore the intersection of space and scent.

Immersive Installation Explores Scent and Space

At Kunsthaus Pasquart, Ringennberg challenges traditional notions of space and scent through an immersive olfactory experience, prompting visitors to contemplate the relationship between scent and environment. The installation, “L’Air du Temps (air conditions),” juxtaposes the sterile ambiance of standardized spaces like offices and airports with intimate, private settings, visually defined by fabric panels. In the “public” section, industrial fans emit odors typical of such environments, while the “private” areas are scented with delicate perfumes, creating a sensory contrast.


Fabric Enhances Immersive Gallery Experience

Ringennberg explains, “I wanted to work with fabric, curtains, and the concept of façade, and the FabricAir system aligned perfectly with my vision.” Collaborating with Scent Architect, Niklaus Mettler, the project explores the activation of scent within space, utilizing FabricAir ducts as conduits for distributing scented air. Ringennberg notes, “By showcasing the holes in the fabric where the air emerges, we effectively illustrate the connection between scent and airflow.”


Creative Collaboration with Fabric Air Experts

Initially seeking information on innovative textiles that would help him achieve his vision, Ringennberg found a collaborative partner in FabricAir. The collaboration led to the development of a custom-engineered solution by FabricAir’s Design and Development Manager, Michael Mortensen, tailored to the installation’s spatial requirements and airflow distribution.


The stage production, “L’Air du Temps (air conditions),” explores the integration of scent into choreography and theatrical narratives, highlighting the often-overlooked sense of smell as a storytelling medium. Through the incorporation of FabricAir ducts, the performance offers audiences a multi-sensory experience. Read the story and see clips of the performance here: Fabric Duct Systems in Innovative Stage Production


This collaboration exemplifies the fusion of art and technology. By leveraging the versatility of fabric duct systems, the gallery installation and stage production provide audiences with unique, immersive experiences that engage multiple senses. As FabricAir continues to explore innovative applications beyond traditional HVAC systems, it opens new avenues for artistic expression, integrating air distribution into the narrative of the experience.


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