FabricAir exhibiting at world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water | ISH 2023

FabricAir, a leading manufacturer of fabric air-dispersion systems will be exhibiting at the ISH Expo in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The five-day event will begin on Monday, March 13th and close on Friday, March 17th. Advertised as the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, the event will showcase innovations focused on the responsible management of water and energy.

The FabricAir booth (J86), located in Hall 8, will feature the latest innovations and products available in air dispersion technology, giving visitors the opportunity to see the fabric ducts in action. FabricAir ducts and ceiling diffusers are specifically designed for comfort and efficiency.

fabricair ish2023

The booth will be a must-see for HVACR professionals seeking ventilation solutions that improve air quality without sacrificing efficiency or aesthetic.

The exhibit offers attendees access to FabricAir’s HVAC experts, available to discuss our custom fabric-based air dispersion systems and answer questions about applications, flow models, and new innovations.

ISH 2023 is an essential fair for industry professionals seeking HVAC and water solutions for a sustainable future. Don’t miss out on this important opportunity to learn about the newest air dispersion solutions and network with experts in their field. Visit the FabricAir booth, J86 in Hall 8 to see the leaders of fabric air dispersion innovation first-hand!

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