Innovative air system brings fresh air to auditoriums

Riga Technical University’s Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology has recently opened two brand-new auditoriums equipped with the latest air distribution technology from FabricAir. The new auditoriums feature fabric-based HVAC systems designed to provide the highest indoor air quality to ensure a healthy environment for students and staff.

This custom, fabric-based air distribution system was created from multiple types of fabric ducts, each designed to accommodate the varied ceiling heights of the auditoriums.

FabricAir in Riga Technical University auditoriums

Different flow models were selected for each duct depending on the installation height of the duct. The SonicFlow model features laser-cut perforations of different sizes offering directional air flow. The MicroFlow model was also incorporated into the fabric duct design to eliminate drafts. The ducts were made of black Combi 20 fabric, a durable and long-lasting material.

According to Paulius Šarapnickis, Sales Engineer at FabricAir, “Our goal was to provide Riga Technical University with a high-quality air distribution system that would meet their specific needs and improve the overall indoor air environment for their students. We are proud to have accomplished that with the installation of our innovative HVAC solutions.”

This modern fabric duct system is a major upgrade for the students and staff and sets a new standard for air quality and comfort in future buildings. The Riga auditoriums are now equipped to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff with outstanding air quality that is free of uncomfortable drafts. FabricAir’s solution is a shining example of its commitment to developing custom and effective air dispersion systems for its clients.


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