Interview: Metalduct Manager, Paco Baixauli

Metalduct is a young company in Spain, with professionals who have extensive experience in supplying and installing ducts for ventilation and air conditioning, both at an industrial and domestic level. The company has installed numerous projects across the country and parts of Europe. Projects include automotive plants, hotels, hospitals, industrial warehouses, supermarkets, logistics centers, parking lots, and even single-family homes. In this interview with Metalduct Manager, Paco Baixauli, he describes his experience with fabric ducts.

When did Metalduct become an installation company for ducts and traditional diffusion systems?

FabricAir customer, Metalduct talks about their experience working with fabric ducts

We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, so this year we are celebrating. Before creating Metalduct, we had many years of experience in this sector, our staff having a combined 40 years of experience. This expertise makes the installation of ducts and traditional diffusion systems easy for us, and we wanted to experiment and try out new ways of air conditioning.

When did you start installing fabric ducts? What motivated you to do so?

We started very early on. We met with the maintenance manager of a bakery company who was tired of cleaning galvanized sheet metal ducts, and every line change cost him a lot of time and money. We proposed an air conditioning system using fabric ducts, and although they were not convinced of the advantages at first, we changed all the ducts in the plant over the course of 6 years. Since then we have carried out a large number of installations in the food sector. We have also installed fabric duct systems in industrial warehouses, logistics centers, conservation chambers, the automotive sector, among others.

What advantages have you found in fabric duct systems?

First, the speed of installation. The adaptation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in many industries limits the execution period so we need to move quickly. We have also noticed a lot of comfort and ease in assembly considering the weight of the fabric ducts compared to traditional ducts is much lower.

The clean up time following installation is something that we have also seen improve since we started installing fabric duct. This is because we do not have to cut or trim the ducts for the necessary openings required for the installation of diffusion components.

And, of course, maintenance of the fabric air dispersion system is easy and simple, making it possible to dismantle, clean, dry, and reinstall within a short period of time. It is perfectly feasible to maintain the system without affecting the production process.

What has been your experience working with FabricAir? What is the process like? Would you recommend other installers work with them?

We have never experienced an inconvenience with FabricAir installations. In the pre-assembly meetings, we are clear about the assembly heights, the distribution of the ducts, the type of suspension, and the position of each section, which is detailed in the assembly plans provided by FabricAir.

As in all installations, there may be last-minute changes. It could be interference related to a different system, a change in lengths due to a modification in the size of the room, etc. but this does not pose any problem because the sections can be modified. A seamstress takes care of these modifications adjusting them to the new needs.

100% recommended to any installer. A simple, fast, and clean job that always leaves the end customer satisfied.

Have you found any product or service differences compared to other companies in the same segment?

The quality of the textiles, as well as all their components, is very good. The execution of the quotes and necessary information is fast and complete. Good delivery times that satisfy our customers. They have an excellent commercial and technical team that helps with everything and ensures that everything works perfectly. Overall, a 10.

FabricAir customer, Metalduct talks about their experience working with fabric ducts

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