Luxurious car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen includes fabric ducts in its environment

At FabricAir, we provide our customers with outstanding service from day one. That’s why the world’s most prestigious companies choose our air distribution systems. Most recently, we were chosen to design a custom air distribution system for a renowned sports car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The new system will fit ideally into the premises and emphasize the focus on design and aesthetics.

Unlike conventional air ducts, fabric-based air distribution solutions not only create optimal air circulation and a comfortable indoor climate but also have an extremely high-quality appearance and top-notch performance.

For the well-known car manufacturing company in Zuffenhausen, FabricAir will not only supply the air ducts but also the molded parts and accessories – for a harmonious overall appearance and absolute perfection. “Our customer appreciates the fast implementation of the project because we work with the highest possible efficiency: in contrast to other suppliers, we only need half the time”, says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager at FabricAir Germany and Austria.

One other key element for this particular project is the flexibility of the system and the easy installation process. As fabric-based solutions are lightweight and very easy to install, it will be installed without any disruptions to the facility.

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