We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new FabricAir website. For several months, a team of our employees and external professionals worked hand in hand to craft a new, modern, and user-friendly website. And the day has come for it to see the world!

Our main goal in launching a new website was to provide our clients, partners, staff, and other visitors with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience that clearly states who we are, what we stand for, and what we can achieve for our clients.

The website features a refreshed look, our new brand positioning, improved navigation, and a handful of features that will make the overall experience more impactful on desktop and mobile devices. We have also launched a new blog where highly skilled industry experts will be sharing their insights and know-how on HVAC industry-related topics.

On the new website, everyone can learn our company history, find products that best fit a specific application, and, if needed, contact our experts with a 24 hours response time. The site has many more features, but the best way to experience things is to try them yourself. So do not hesitate and find the best fabric-based air dispersion solution for your business!

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