Over 1,6 km of fabric ducts at the new confectionary

Orkla Latvija, a leading producer, and supplier of fast-moving consumer goods in the Baltic states, built a new biscuit and wafer factory to ensure the highest quality of its products. Naturally, the air distribution system was one of the top priorities, as improper air distribution can be detrimental to both the products and the workers themselves.

To ensure a safe working and product manufacturing environment, the factory turned to FabricAir.

“We are really happy with the final result. We have manufactured and installed more than 1.6 km of ductwork for the factory, which will ensure that the production facilities meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements. A project of this size is a great testament to the smooth cooperation and our products in the Baltics.”, says Paulius Šarapnickis, Sales Engineer for Baltic states at FabricAir.

The air distribution solution was custom designed for this new Orkla biscuits and wafers factory while using high-end CFD simulations. FabricAir’s solution was chosen because of its many features that included but not limited to easy installation, easy maintenance, and draft-free air distribution.

The plant has Combi 90 antimicrobial fabric that is mostly used in the food industry, with the addition of Type 8 AIO suspension. This suspension system is specifically designed to keep the shape of the fabric ducts and does not allow them to deflate even when the system is not operating. Fabric ducts are equipped with SonicFlow and MicroFlow airflow models to create smooth and uniform air delivery.

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