Perfecting cherries packaging conditions in a Spanish factory

At Vidrio food packaging plant, working with cherries is a daily routine. But hundreds of tons of cherries can spoil very quickly in the wrong environment, so excellent environmental conditions must be ensured. With this in mind, Vidrio representatives decided to install a new air dispersion system that can ensure accurate and precise control of the temperature, humidity, and impeccable hygiene. For this project they chose FabricAir solutions.

To create a tailored state-of-the-art air distribution system for 5 separate food packaging rooms on Vidrio premises, FabricAir engineers worked together with Ilefred’s installation company’s team and developed a solution that consists of over 250 meters of Combi 20 and Combi 30 fabrics-based ducts with SonicFlow and MicroFlow flow models.

“Like meat products, fruits are very sensitive to environmental conditions. To ensure their quality, packing houses must be equipped with an impeccable air dispersion system to regulate both humidity and temperature. We are delighted that customers are increasingly turning to fabric air diffusion systems, which not only ensure the highest standards in food processing rooms but also maintain perfect hygiene”, says Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta, Sales Director at FabricAir Spain.

In addition to the fulfillment of direct needs, the new system also integrates the interior esthetics, with blue-colored ducts becoming a design element and creating a perfect environment for employees inside the plants. As weather temperatures in Spain during the summer months can rise drastically, with the new FabricAir solution, the Vidrio packaging plant can maintain comfortable conditions for everyone at the premises without the risk of damaging the products.

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