Seamless air distribution system that reflects sustainability efforts in a modernized office complex

A real estate company ACCIONA has carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of an old industrial building in Madrid’s Arganzuela district.

The formerly abandoned warehouse became a state-of-the-art office complex that required a ventilation system that could adapt and blend in with the space and reflect the sustainability and positive social impact goals that ACCIONA and the architects share. To achieve that, ACCIONA reached out to FabricAir.

FabricAir’s expert engineers tailored customized ducts with a fully custom-made profile that could be completely adapted to the installation area. “This project demonstrates how versatile and flexible FabricAir systems are. The fabric ducts blend seamlessly into the modern design of the office complex and provide the exact result of an indoor air quality that was expected by both engineers and future employees”, says Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta, Sales Director at FabricAir Spain.

A total of 65 meters of grey fabric ducts were installed with a rectangular section that adapts to the hole where it rests allowing it to blend in with the space. This rectangular section was manufactured in abrasion-resistant AntiWear material, perfect for this application due to the constant rubbing of the duct against adjacent surfaces. The other section of the system has an oval shape that sits on top of the rectangular one. This was manufactured in Combi 90 material – an antibacterial, durable, and also flame retardant fabric, equipped with the OriFlow flow models.

Due to the complexity of the project, the ducts were installed using a combination of Type 1 and Type 11A suspensions, making use of T-rails and tensioned cables made of anodized aluminum that complies with REACH and RHOSS recycling regulations and facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the ducts.

Finally, it was possible to create a ventilation system that blends in with the interior design and adds aesthetic value to the space. The result is a homogeneous, pleasant, and draft-free air diffusion to provide a safe space with optimal environmental conditions and unique sound properties that virtually eliminate the noise.

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