Uniform air supply in the prestigious Mercedes manufacturing facility

The Mercedes G-Class has been produced at the Magna Steyr plant, a subsidiary of the automotive supplier Magna International, since 1979. To this day, the prestigious vehicle is mainly produced by hand, and especially in the “seat production” area, there are many jobs that require the highest precision. In the production areas, the temperature must not be too high and the entire production hall must be cooled. Magna Steyr was looking for a new air distribution system and turned to FabricAir to implement the system that would ensure a low-pulse and even air intake without cold drafts, and should also increase the well-being of employees and create a pleasant indoor climate.

Every minute counts at Magna Steyr’s plant, as around 40,000 units of the high-priced G-Class were produced in 2021 alone. This was no problem for FabricAir, as the production processes were not affected in any way during the installation of the new fabric-based system. Even the limited accessibility between the large machines and production lines did not affect the assembly. All of FabricAir’s rail systems were installed quickly and easily, and the work was completed in just a few days.

The new air distribution system comprises a total of around 750 meters and is made of Combi 20 fabric, which is air permeable, flame retardant, and certified for cleanrooms (cleanroom class 3). The MicroFlow™ flow model was chosen because it ensures low-pulse air intake, which provides a comfortable climate, especially when cooling. Type 8 was chosen as the suspension, a versatile suspension system that is ideally suited for complex installations.

Magna Steyr representatives are very pleased with the new air distribution system, as the production hall now has a low-pulse and uniform air supply. FabricAir has delivered the renowned automotive supplier with a solution that is unique on this scale.

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