Glass 220

FabricAir® Glass 220 is woven with non-combustible glass fibers, class M0 / A2, making it ideal in areas with strict fire rating requirements. The working temperature range goes from -40°C to +200°C [-40°F to 392°F] The material cannot be machine washed.

  • Non-permeable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Non-combustible glass fiber
  • 40°F to 392°F temperature range

Standard colors

All our fabrics come in standard colors. Choose the one that would either blend with your interior or could become a design statement.

White 4000

Blue 4001

Gray 4002

Black 4004

Available colors and patterns

Your fabric ducts can look the way you want them. Below are the options that can be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Dye colors available
  • Coloring by Surface Print
  • Seamless pattern
  • Artwork, print
  • Lettering, print
  • Logos, print

Glass 220 data sheet

Fabric type
460 g/m²
EN ISO 12127:1997
0,40 mm
EN ISO 5084:1996
0 (+5%) m³/m²/h at 120 Pa
EN ISO 9237:1995
Strength - Wrap
4276 N
EN ISO 13934-1
Strength - Weft
2428 N
EN ISO 13934-1
0,5 % Max.
EN ISO 5077
Heat resistance - continuous
from -40 to +200°C
Heat resistance - softening
GB 8624:
A2-s1, d0, t1
GB 8624
ULC S102.2:
Fire retardant:
NF P 92-507

FabricAir® believes that all data, statements, technical information, etc. (certificates), listed in this Technical Data Sheet regarding the product and the use of the product are accurate and reliable. However, the product will only be covered by FabricAir®’s guarantees or warranty if the final use for the product has been approved by FabricAir® in writing. No representative is authorized to approve the final use of the product on behalf of FabricAir®.

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