Cost savings from transportation

Conventional metal ducts are transported using large trucks that typically require a specially licensed driver, a large quantities of fuel and the arrival time can be unpredictable. This limits the options that owners have due to a real price correlation between where the duct is manufactured and where the job site is. Once the metal duct is delivered, it may require costly storage space, such as a rented trailer, or take up space in the construction area, which can create delays and even hazardous conditions for workers.


FabricAir ducts are delivered in boxes via airfreight by a premier multinational logistics company, thus limiting delays due to weather or geopolitical issues. Upon arrival, the boxes can be stored quickly and efficiently if necessary. Our customers are provided with tracking numbers so that the progress can be tracked every step of the way, making project scheduling easier and more reliable, which helps to reduce idle hours on site.

FabricAir ducts are made out of a variety of textiles. These ducts can be neatly folded, packaged in a box, and loaded onto a truck and/or plane without wasting any space. 

FabricAir ducts are lightweight and reduce the structural requirements of new and existing buildings. 

Fabric ductwork offer multiple opportunities to save money without sacrificing quality or flexibility in design.