30-70% cheaper than metal

The Six Key Elements of Savings with FabricAir Dispersion Systems

Switching from conventional metal ducting to Fabric ductwork technology enables saving of up to 70% on total installed costs. The total savings potential on a project varies from 30% to 70% over the cost of conventional solutions without sacrificing quality or flexibility in design.

Utilizing our fabric ductwork based Smart Air Solutions results in significan savings through six key elements: simple installation process, economical shipping solutions, space-savings, greater design flexibility, efficient materials and a long service-life.

Installing FabricAir dispersion systems is fast and easy, and will reduce costs for the entire project due to the lower number of man hours. 

One of the many advantages of utilizing FabricAir dispersion over conventional metal ducts is the elimination of ancillary items such as grills, diffusers, dampers, insulation, paint, and mastic.

FabricAir ducts are delivered by a major international shipping company in boxes, which can be stored quickly and efficiently if necessary. Boxes can be tracked to determine the exact date of arrival saving time and money in relation to scheduling installers.