A versatile system design

A versatile system design
FabricAir dispersion systems do not have limitations when it comes to elbows, reducers and take-offs, such as conventional metal ducting does. If you can imagine it, FabricAir can produce it. Freedom of design is one of the advantages of a fabric-based Smart Air Solution. If you are used to metal ducting then you know to take your wallet out when you hear "non-standard". At FabricAir, non-standard is what we do, because every job is custom, and a Smart Air Solution is more cost-efficient than a metal equivalent. Any angle, any length, any diameter... Give us a call and we will turn what you have imagined into reality in three weeks or less.

Depending on the application, FabricAir ducts and dispersion systems can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your building, by using the best flow model or combination of multiple flow models.

FabricAir offers a number of duct types for various purposes. In addition to the classic fabric ducting, we offer specialized duct types, such as the FabricAir® VarioDuct™ that cater to specific air engineering challenges.

FabricAir elbows are produced on demand. We can make the standard 22.5°, 45° and 90° or any angle in between, as we tailor the system to your specific needs. 

FabricAir can manufacture straight sections of duct in any diameter as long or as short as you want them preffered.

FabricAir can make concentric or eccentric reducers in any taper ratios desired. 

FabricAir can produce duct take-offs in top, center, or bottom aligned configuration. 

A FabricAir dispersion system is delivered with a set of drawings that are essential to all phases of the project from design to installation.