The Future of Air Dispersion

Over the past 45 years, FabricAir dispersion technology has become globally renowned for its flexibility and core benefits like draft-free, condensation-free, noiseless, corrosion-free and hygienic. With a proven track record and as leading experts in field of air engineering technology, FabricAir continues to set the global industry standards to be at the forefront of HVAC/R innovation and indoor climate solutions. 

FabricAir Through the Decades: The future

As the famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr once said: “it is difficult to predict, especially the future”. However, going forward FabricAir prepares for the future of air dispersion through investments in R&D, production facilities and a growth-oriented sales strategy.

The future will likely bring an increased focus on indoor air quality and work environment improvements across the world. FabricAir ducting can play an important role in creating the optimized indoor environments of tomorrow. The technology offers unprecedented precision in airflow patterns compared to conventional solutions, which means greater occupant comfort and lower running costs.

Sustainability is a growing trend worldwide, not just within construction. The FabricAir ducting technology itself is already working toward a greener future, as the lower pressure drop, precise design of airflows and ideal induction patterns of the current technology can lower the running costs of an air dispersion solution by up to 40%. But there are many ways to additionally support this development. Companies like FabricAir has a social responsibility to put pressure on the supply network, encouraging the development of even more sustainable fabric types and production methods.

Last year FabricAir invested in a new R&D AirLab and CFD solutions to continue technological refinement. Sustainability, longevity and waste management are areas of interest and the fabric-based air dispersion technology of the future offers many opportunities in this respect. Innovation will play a significant role going forward.

With renewed focus on innovation the company already looks forward; it applies futuristic methods in the production and product development. Each order is custom engineered using proprietary 3D software and CFD to optimize the complex airflow calculations and ensure the ideal air dispersion patterns for each application. State-of-the-art laser cutting technology ensures intricate micro-perforation patterns to optimize airflow. Production methods are scrutinized for optimization from design, through cutting, sewing, and packaging. Continuous Quality Control helps to decrease waste and optimize subprocesses. Modern production management techniques ensure that the company is geared for future growth.

The technical flexibility of the fabric-based air dispersion technology combined with environmental aspects and economic advantages makes FabricAir the preferred partner to architects, developers and contractors worldwide. Solutions cover a wide range of applications incl. food, sports, Industrial, retail and public areas, education, medical, offices and comfort in general.

Conventional metal solutions are costly and not as environmentally friendly as fabric ducting; hence, the growth potential of the fabric ducting market is still significant. Despite the obvious technological advantages, fabric air dispersion represents less than 5% of the global market for ducting.

In the process of future-proofing the company, Brian Refsgaard has set the scene through a growth-oriented sales strategy. Fully owned subsidiaries pave the way, by offering close proximity to the local markets incl. sales support, technical support, installation support and maintenance support in local languages.

Through the past 45 years the technological progress has been momentous. From hand cutting each piece to advanced laser-cutting technology. From a selection of only a few fabrics to a full range of fabrics covering anti-microbial, anti-static and non-combustible options in addition to the flame-retardant permeable and non-permeable standard options. From a single office in Denmark to 11 subsidiaries and more than 180 distributors worldwide.

It’s anyone’s guess what the future brings; however, at FabricAir they believe in increased use of robot technology in the production; in optimized production processes; in new technological discoveries; in new types of joining’s; in revolutionizing fabrics that can render the ducts completely maintenance-free, bacteria-free and even more suitable for cleanroom and offshore applications. Through a continued focus on R&D the company will set scene for tomorrow’s air dispersion solutions.

FabricAir invented fabric ducting and the company continues to be the forefront of HVAC/R innovation and indoor climate solutions.

FabricAir is the future of HVAC/R.