Raising the bar within the field of HVAC/R

When FabricAir launched the world’s first fabric duct in 1973 it became a gamechanger. It is the story of how a small company, based in Denmark, grew to become a world leading innovator within HVAC/R, with customers all across the globe and sales offices or distributors in all major regions.


FabricAir Through the Decades: The 10s

45 years ago, a new technology heralded a whole new way of thinking in the industry and it became the beginning of an ongoing adventure for FabricAir. Fabric ducting has proven its worth. The technology has been refined over the years as new applications were added to the list, but the core remains the same: creating healthy indoor environments for people and products to thrive, through optimal air engineering technology and costs-efficient alternatives to conventional solutions.

The decade began with the launch of a new flow model, MicroFlow™. It is distinguished by a very short near zone, typically less than 300mm, which makes high air change possible without drafts and thus a very high level of occupant comfort. This new solution builds on advanced laser cutting technology and it practically makes the ducts maintenance-free when the system is supplied with the appropriate pre-filter. The particles that flow through the filter, will also flow through the laser cut micro-perforations, preventing particles such as dust or mold from settling inside the duct.

In 2011 yet another gamechanger was introduced - the JetFlow™ - offering the longest throws of any flow model on the market. Conical jets accelerate the air streaming through the duct, making this ideal in heavy industrial applications that require a high air change or in production halls with high ceiling where heated or isothermal air needs to reach the occupant zone.

In 2012 FabricAir AS in Norway was established to cater to the growing Scandinavian market. In the following year, a new line of economical fabrics was introduced – the FabricAir® Lite. This is a series of strong, non-permeable fabrics that offer anti-microbial and anti-static options.

FabricAir (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. was established in the fall of 2016 as a response to a vastly growing Chinese market, where especially high cold storage application solutions are in high demand. FabricAir had won a court case against an illegal competitor infringing on the company’s copyrights and this sparked a momentum in the local market.

In 2017 the Alytus-based production facility was once again expanded with a 30% increase in capacity to meet growing global demands. A new R&D department and AirLab lab was established to invest in further product development activities, as the company continues to set the industry standards and raise the bar for air dispersion and indoor air quality.

This year has marked a significant increase in sales subsidiaries. At first FabricAir España S.L. joined the group as the 9th subsidiary in the family. Shortly thereafter FabricAir BV followed along with FabricAir Sweden. The German subsidiary, which had been dormant over a period, was revitalized with new talents and FabricAir is looking stronger than ever.

On September 1, 2018 FabricAir celebrates its 45-year anniversary. It has been an era of change and innovation throughout four and a half decades since a local Danish project ended up creating a whole new air dispersion technology. This does not mean the company has grown old and grey!

As we turn the milestone we do so with renewed energy ready to create the future of air dispersion!