Axioma Metering Installs Fabric Duct System in New Factory

Axioma Metering, a leading developer and manufacturer of smart heat and water metering devices, decided to install an innovative fabric duct system in their new production facility in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company selected FabricAir for the factory’s HVAC system to enhance employee comfort and ensure optimal conditions for sensitive machinery and materials.

The decision to implement FabricAir’s fabric duct system was driven by the need for even air distribution and draft-free air delivery throughout the production area. The consistent airflow provided by the system is essential for maintaining a stable environment, crucial for both the well-being of employees and the preservation of high-precision metering devices.

The bright blue fabric duct system installed in the new Axioma Metering factory to provide optimal conditions for sensitive machinery and materials.

The duct system incorporates two air flow models: MicroFlow and SonicFlow. MicroFlow uses microperforations to evenly distribute air through the fabric’s surface, helping to ensuring a uniform temperature throughout the facility. SonicFlow, on the other hand, utilizes strategically designed laser-cut holes to direct airflow precisely where it is needed, enhancing air circulation in specified areas.

The fabric ducts are suspended with FabricAir’s Type 8 suspension, which combines anodized aluminum H-rails with intermediate cable drops from the ceiling. This setup not only provides support but also ensures the ducts retain their shape for a complete and professional appearance, thanks to the All-In-One shape retention feature.

The Combi 30 fabric is a non-permeable, flame-retardant, Oeko-Tex 100 certified polyester. This durable material is machine washable and comes with a five-year warranty, making it an ideal choice for an industrial setting. The ducts are a striking blue color, adding a visual appeal to the factory’s interior.

With a total airflow capacity of 32,316 m³/h, the new fabric duct system significantly enhances the air quality and climate control within Axioma Metering’s facility. Fabric duct systems perform above and beyond their conventional alternatives while providing additional advantages including fast lead times and reduced costs for shipping, installation, and operation.


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