Fabric Air Ducts for Fresh Dairy Products

In Southern Germany lies one of the largest and most renowned dairies in the country. Established in 1908, the dairy has achieved a leading position in the food industry through its pursuit of quality and innovation. Every day, over a million kilograms of milk are processed into high-quality dairy and cheese specialties, which are distributed under well-known brands. In 2023, the existing air distribution system needed to be modernized: this is where FabricAir came into play, exceeding the dairy’s airflow requirements with its innovative HVAC solution.

Precise Air Direction with JetFlow

FabricAir ducts provide essential airflow in a Bavarian dairy to ensure a high quality end product

The quality of dairy products depends significantly on precise and draft-free climate control, which is essential for milk processing. The dairy needed to optimize the cooling and ventilation to protect the delicate dairy products throughout the entire production process. For their facilities, the dairy chose high-quality air ducts from FabricAir, measuring 20,000 mm in length and 1,200 mm in diameter, in radiant white. The installation height of the air ducts was approximately six meters – a challenge that was masterfully handled with FabricAir’s high-quality suspension system. The custom-engineered solution is prime example of the functionality and aesthetics that distinguishes FabricAir duct systems from traditional metal duct systems.

The air outlets were attached to stainless steel cables with reinforced loops using stainless steel D-rings and suspended with stainless steel snap hooks (Type 1). These components not only ensure a long lifespan and utmost stability but also easy handling for service and maintenance. The rapid disassembly and reassembly of the systems (i.e. for cleaning) demonstrate the thoughtful design and FabricAir’s commitment to practical solutions.

FabricAir’s JetFlow provides exceptionally long throw distances with vertical orientation, ensuring precise, uniform air distribution without drafts – a critical factor in milk processing. This precision ensures that milk and cheese products are cooled and processed under ideal conditions, directly contributing to the quality and freshness of the final product.


Forward-Thinking with FabricAir

In an industry where freshness and quality are paramount, choosing the right air distribution system is crucial. FabricAir not only custom designs systems that ensure uniform and healthy air circulation but also contributes to the sustainability of the production process. The air ducts are washable and reusable, reducing the dairy’s ecological footprint and highlighting its efforts towards environmentally friendly production.

The Bavarian dairy installation impressively demonstrates how traditional production methods can be enhanced through the integration of state-of-the-art air distribution technology. FabricAir leads this development, offering solutions that meet the high demands of the food industry. The successful partnership between the dairy and FabricAir demonstrates that innovative technology and reliability\ complement each other to deliver products of the highest quality.

Our team of experienced professionals looks forward to collaborating with you to find the best possible air distribution solution for your premises!


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