FabricAir at Home: Ceiling Diffusers for a Penthouse Apartment

In the dynamic industry of ventilation and air distribution, HVAC designers and engineers worldwide are increasingly turning to fabric air diffusion for custom solutions that redefine the standards. One example of FabricAir’s innovative solutions was showcased in a collaboration with Dietz Kältetechnik from Bremen, Germany, exemplifying how air dispersion systems can seamlessly integrate into sophisticated interior designs.

Tailored Integration for Unprecedented Elegance

Traditionally confined to industrial or commercial spaces, fabric-based ventilation solutions are also suitable for private residences, marrying aesthetic allure with functional efficacy.

In this striking penthouse apartment project, led by FabricAir sales engineer, Heike Kues, five Ceiling Diffusers were installed, each 625mm x 625mm. The challenge was to seamlessly incorporate diffusers into the client’s enclosed drywall ceiling, necessitating modifications, which included a specially crafted installation box complete with an access panel.


In this unique installation, five white FabricAir Ceiling Diffusers are strategically installed in this penthouse apartment living room in Bremen, Germany.

Draft-free, Dynamic Design

Dietz Kältetechnik, the project’s client has a robust background in refrigeration technology and lauds the near-silent, draft-free operation of the FabricAir Ceiling Diffusers. Managing Director Mrs. Helga Dietz attests, “Our customer is very excited. The system runs almost noiselessly and without drafts.”

The flow panels on the diffusers are designed to match the drywall ceiling, providing a clean, modern look. FabricAir Ceiling Diffusers are available in a choice of custom colors and prints to match any design aesthetics and flow panels can be changed out easily to give the space a whole new look.

Custom Solutions for Custom Projects

As a pioneer in ventilation solutions, FabricAir has been innovating the HVAC industry since 1973. Providing custom designed and engineered air distribution soltions to our customers has fueled our innovation. Today, FabricAir distribution systems are installed in virtually any application from large arenas to cozy private residences.


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