Creating comfort for technicians with FabricAir air distribution solutions

Comfort in a workplace is essential to employees. Including the ones that are working hard when repairing and maintaining machinery. Austrian trams, mountain railways, and bus operator Linz AG had to deal with the uncomfortable indoor climate in their 2000 sq. m. workshop hall and decided to make a change.

Air dispersion system that contributes to high-quality life of seniors

Retiring can sometimes be a little stressful, that is why one company in Denmark decided to adapt the Swedish concept of a senior housing complex where every person could enjoy their lives. Bovieran built a housing complex with a tropical garden under a glass roof.

FabricAir ducting solutions maximized yields potential in cannabis grow facility

A North American cannabis grow operation Real Leaf Solutions had issues with its conventional air distribution system as it was damaging its produce.

FabricAir solutions will ensure the quality environment for chocolatiers in Thailand

A chocolate factory in Thailand reached out to FabricAir, a global air distribution solutions provider,  to manufacture and install a new fabric air distribution system. It had to create a comfortable airflow for the safety of production and comfort to employees. 

Review of FabricAir China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021

The 32nd China Refrigeration Exhibition officially ended on April 9th in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

FabricAir equips 90000 sq. m. building complex with tailored state-of-the-art air distribution solution

FabricAir, a custom air dispersion and air distribution solution provider, has come to an agreement with a new client in Germany. A four-floor Böttcher AG building complex near the city of Jena will be equipped with the state-of-the-art textile air distribution system consisting of over 2,6 kilometers of FabricAir ducts.

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