Elevating theatre experience with barely visible fabric ducts

A few months ago, the municipal theater of Berga, Spain, decided to renovate its facilities with an ambient air quality system in the main hall, selecting FabricAir as their fabric air diffusion system provider.

Designing a solution for high-bay cooling storage of Chinese medicine

With the rapid economic growth, logistics and warehousing companies in China are looking for ways to optimize the space available for the storage of various products. One of the most popular ways now is the conversion of traditional warehouses so that all products are stored in high-bay racks.

FabricAir will participate in tradeshow Chillventa 2022

FabricAir, a fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, will participate in the leading trade fair for refrigeration technology – Chillventa 2022 which will be hosted in Nuremberg, Germany.

Seamless air distribution system that reflects sustainability efforts in a modernized office complex

A real estate company ACCIONA has carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of an old industrial building in Madrid’s Arganzuela district. The formerly abandoned warehouse became a state-of-the-art office complex that required a ventilation system that could adapt and blend in with the space and reflect the sustainability and positive social impact goals that ACCIONA and the architects share. To achieve that, ACCIONA reached out to FabricAir.

FabricAir adds new suspensions for harsh environments

Special applications need a special approach. Especially, when talking about highly corrosive environments. Because of that, an in-house FabricAir’s Research and Development department is continuously working on improvements and is now, introducing a new option of suspension systems, additional to the existing Type 5, Type 6, and Type 7 suspensions.

FabricAir to attend the biggest HVAC/R expo in Latin America – AHR EXPO-MEXICO

FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, will attend the largest HVAC&R event in Latin America – AHR EXPO-MEXICO 2022. This year, the exhibition will be hosted in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Combining fabric ducts with evaporative cooling to lower energy consumption by 90%

Cooling large industrial buildings during the hot summer months can become a real challenge. Especially, if such buildings happen to be industrial laundries, where temperatures might rise to 30°C or more. These conditions can not only cause health problems for employees but also significantly increase energy costs due to cooling and ventilation.

Saving 40% on energy bills and solving heat issues in a new bakery factory

HEG Gıda is one of the biggest bakery products manufacturers in Turkey that produces bakery products for many famous brands. HEG Bakery Factory, with an area of 130,000 m², was built considering sustainability and high hygiene principles, therefore they needed a very hygienic air distribution solution that would prevent any health hazards, and would create perfect conditions for the products and employees working in various zones. Because of that, the company chose FabricAir’s system, as it met all the unique needs of the production facility.

Perfecting cherries packaging conditions in a Spanish factory

At Vidrio food packaging plant, working with cherries is a daily routine. But hundreds of tons of cherries can spoil very quickly in the wrong environment, so excellent environmental conditions must be ensured.

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