Perfect air distribution for Guinness World Record awarded event venue

Internal air quality is essential, especially in large event venues that have a huge capacity of occupants. Just recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia built a world-class, multipurpose event venue Jeddah Superdome, that was registered in the Guinness World Records for having the largest geodesic dome in the world. Naturally, owners of the building wanted the best air distribution system for their luxurious building, so they chose FabricAir’s solutions.

FabricAir to showcase new brand, new product at AHR Expo in Las Vegas

FabricAir’s refreshed brand identity and a new North America product debut highlight the global manufacture’s presence at the 2022 AHR Expo January 31 to February 2 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. FabricAir is among more than 1,600 exhibitors expected for the two three-day event that features networking, continuing education opportunities and robust COVID-19 protocols.

Say hello to a brand new FabricAir brand image

We are excited to announce that as of 2022, we’re refreshing our brand identity and launching a new logo and brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the FabricAir brand. With our new logo and vision, we are moving towards an exciting future while keeping our core values and strengthening our position in the HVAC industry as the innovator of the industry for the past 49 years.

Church saves $100,000 on HVAC ventilation metal duct replacement

The perpetual showering of corrosion and paint flakes from a church recreation center’s HVAC metal duct was an ongoing maintenance annoyance. However, the real challenge for Park Hill Baptist Church was the $100,000-plus price tag to replace the system. This is where FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution manufacturer, appeared with a solution that would both create an exquisite indoor environment and solve the costs issue.

Perfect indoor environment for automotive manufacturing facility

Many manufacturing facilities know the significance of a well-performing air distribution system. It makes the workers feel better and allows them to be more efficient at work. Nemak, a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry, decided to install a fabric-based solution in their facility in Germany and chose FabricAir for the implementation of this project.

Impeccable design and unrivaled air quality for a luxurious hotel in Turkey

High-end hotels always strive for the best quality on their premises, therefore air distribution is no exception.Located in Ankara, Turkey, Latanya Hotel needed an air dispersion solution for their garden-themed restaurant, that would meet specific structural requirements and integrate into the interior design. Hotel officials reached out to FabricAir, asking to design a new state-of-the-art air distribution system.

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