Impeccable design and unrivaled air quality for a luxurious hotel in Turkey

High-end hotels always strive for the best quality on their premises, therefore air distribution is no exception.Located in Ankara, Turkey, Latanya Hotel needed an air dispersion solution for their garden-themed restaurant, that would meet specific structural requirements and integrate into the interior design. Hotel officials reached out to FabricAir, asking to design a new state-of-the-art air distribution system.

Silence becomes the healthiest sound with fabric-based HVAC solutions

Silence is one of the essential things that create a pleasant and comfortable environment for a person, whether at work or any other leisure facility. But some unavoidable parts of the buildings can kill this pleasant vibe, even those that are sometimes not even visible.

1,5 km of fabric ducts for the new medical storage facility

A well-known pharmaceutical group in China built a brand-new medical storage facility and needed a state-of-the-art air distribution solution that would guarantee the highest quality and cleanliness requirements and meet the needed standards.

FabricAir to appear in an international HVAC convention in Madrid

FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, used this opportunity to appear in many of them all around the world and the last appearance of 2021 will take place in Madrid, Spain.

Air distribution system in 2 weeks for rapidly constructed event center

In cooperation with KMA Architects, the company is developing a brand-new event center and stadium complex in Okija, Anambra.

CFD analysis designed specifically for fabric duct can accurately confirm ventilation designs

While there are many outsourced CFD services, manufacturers have recently introduced their own fabric duct-oriented software programs that have arrived at an opportune time.

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