Saving 40% on energy bills and solving heat issues in a new bakery factory

HEG Gıda is one of the biggest bakery products manufacturers in Turkey that produces bakery products for many famous brands. HEG Bakery Factory, with an area of 130,000 m², was built considering sustainability and high hygiene principles, therefore they needed a very hygienic air distribution solution that would prevent any health hazards, and would create perfect conditions for the products and employees working in various zones. Because of that, the company chose FabricAir’s system, as it met all the unique needs of the production facility.

Perfecting cherries packaging conditions in a Spanish factory

At Vidrio food packaging plant, working with cherries is a daily routine. But hundreds of tons of cherries can spoil very quickly in the wrong environment, so excellent environmental conditions must be ensured.

A brand-new air distribution system in just two weeks

A family business Kirsch in Jena, Germany, has been manufacturing tools and supplying customers in the fields of medical technology, precision mechanics, and mechanical engineering since 1965. The company recently opened a production hall with modern machinery that processes steel, aluminum, and other metals but they faced an issue with proper ventilation.

FabricAir to appear in the biggest HVAC/R expo in China – CRH 2022

FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, will showcase its products in a tradeshow China Refrigeration Exhibition CRH 2022. This year the exhibition will be hosted at Chongqing International Expo Center, China. 

Uniform air supply in the prestigious Mercedes manufacturing facility

The Mercedes G-Class has been produced at the Magna Steyr plant, a subsidiary of the automotive supplier Magna International, since 1979. To this day, the prestigious vehicle is mainly produced by hand, and especially in the "seat production" area, there are many jobs that require the highest precision.

Luxurious car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen includes fabric ducts in its environment

At FabricAir, we provide our customers with outstanding service from day one. That's why the world's most prestigious companies choose our air distribution systems. Most recently, we were chosen to design a custom air distribution system for a renowned sports car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The new system will fit ideally into the premises and emphasize the focus on design and aesthetics.

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