Eliminating unpleasant odors in China’s major automotive manufacturer’s factory

Eliminating unpleasant odors in China’s major automotive manufacturer’s factory
22nd July 2021

One of major China’s car seat manufacturers, that works with all major automakers and vehicle classes, like Audi and Volkswagen, started facing a smell issue. As the company is working with different types of materials, including leather and textile, they realized that the storage unit where the seats are being kept for a while builds up an unpleasant odor that is being absorbed into the already made car seats. To eliminate the smell from their premises, the company reached out to a leading fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer FabricAir.

The biggest issue with the odor in the new car seats is that when delivered to the customers and end-users, the unpleasant odors are still there. So FabricAir’s engineers designed a tailored air distribution system with a combined airflow mode for optimal indoor ventilation, with NozzFlow™ and SonicFlow™, made from Combi 85 fabric and installed with Type 2 suspension. FabricAir’s ducts rapidly and evenly distribute the air around the workshop and speed up the loss of the odor of the seat.

“Cooperating with such a well-renounced automotive manufacturer proves that our hard work and dedication is paying off. Our high-quality solutions and services attract very well-known brands of China and they entrust us with their facilities. I am proud that our solutions will help make their product even more accepted around the world”, says Song He, Sales Director at FabricAir China.

After this tailored air distribution solution was installed and commissioned, the customer made on-site measurements of the ventilation and the condition of the workshop by using specific test methods and professional instruments. After the results were received, they proved that the odor of the car seats was greatly reduced when using FabricAir solution.


Photo courtesy:  FabricAir