FabricAir to introduce new product in MJBizCon trade show

FabricAir to introduce new product in MJBizCon trade show
15th October 2021

FabricAir, a leading global fabric-based air distribution manufacturer, will participate in MJBizCon trade show on20-22 October. Known as “The Largest Marijuana Business Conference in the World,” the tradeshow features over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees occupying over 250,000 square feet of space in the Las Vegas Convention Center, USA. At the show, FabricAir will introduce its newest product - Rack Flow System, designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

Rack Flow is an innovative multi-tier air distribution solution that prevents microclimates, which can damage plants, while promoting higher crop yields. This is accomplished by deploying Energy Star rated EC motor fans with linear dispersion through FabricAir’s Combi 90, which results in the most efficient system for providing more air volume to the plant canopy per every watt consumed.

FabricAir will be exhibiting at this show for the third time as the cannabis industry continues to gain traction in the U.S. with 18 states and the District of Columbia allowing for legalized recreational use and another 18 states permitting medical use.

FabricAir team will be on hand to share how FabricAir’s highly respected and efficient fabric duct solutions are ideal for cannabis grow house environments. Prior to the official announcement, Rack Flow was already generating some buzz as multiple pre-orders are in the works.

FabricAir can be found in Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth No. C3212.

Follow the link for more information about Rack Flow System.