Production Closed Today - Happy Centenary, Lithuania

Production Closed Today - Happy Centenary, Lithuania
16th February 2018

Today our production facility is closed due to the celebration of the centennial of the Lithuanian Independence.

On this date in 1918, twenty members of the Council of Lithuania, led by Jonas Basanavičius, signed the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania (Lietuvos Valstybės atkūrimo aktas), thus creating the democratic foundation of the modern state with Vilnius as its capital.

During its 100 years as an independent state, Lithuania has struggled against war, dictatorship, exile and resistance to finally experience rebirth and liberation in 1990. In 2004 Lithuania joined the European Union and in May of this year FabricAir can celebrate 15 years of production in Alytus, Lithuania.

We wish all our colleague, contact and customers a happy celebration today!

To learn more, please see the official page of the centennial: