Review of FabricAir China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021

Review of FabricAir China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021
13th April 2021

The 32nd China Refrigeration Exhibition officially ended on April 9th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. FabricAir and 1225 enterprises and institutions from 10 countries and regions around the world witnessed this grand event. With an exhibition area of about 110,000 square meters, the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors reached a record high. As the most important exhibition event in the HVAC/R industry in China, FabricAir has been an exhibitor for three consecutive years to discuss and jointly build the future innovation and development of air distribution technology with the industry counterparts. 

FabricAir has been the inventor of fabric-based air distribution technology since 1973. FabricAir Combi 70 (permeable fabric), Fabricair ® Combi 85 (non-permeable fabric) and other fabric types were all on display at this show. The DEMO Blower also demonstrates the most representative of the various directional and surface flow models of FabricAir: JetFlow™, NozzFlow™, Oriflow ™, SonicFlow™, Microflow™, FabFlow™, etc. The fabrics on display are all environmentally friendly with Oeko-Tex 100 certification. The fabric is washable and durable with a 5 or 10-year warranty. FabricAir offers a variety of airflow patterns, one or a combination of which can be selected to create the ideal air distribution.

In addition to fabric and flow models, one of the highlights of the show is the shape-retention option, which ensures that the ducts will remain in good shape even when the air supply system is turned off. The All-in-One Support (AiO) allows the circular appearance of the duct to be slightly affected when the air supply system is turned off. If you want the duct to remain round when the air supply system is out of service, you can choose our internal 360° hoops.

A good fabric duct should be both functional and aesthetic at the same time. In order to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of customers, FabricAir has introduced artistic duct printing, saying goodbye to standard printing. Seamless patterns add a decorative element to the ductwork, and customers can customize the duct printing to match the interior design. You can choose from our existing design options or customize your own special design.

Mature products cannot be separated from the support of professional customers. During the exhibition, FabricAir had in-depth communication with engineering contractors, general contractors, consulting companies and designers to varying degrees. In addition to the application of traditional fields, people are also highly concerned about the development and application of new materials. Research and development and product innovation have always been the top priority of FabricAir. Our insulated air transport ducts (IATD) have been praised by many customers in the industry in terms of material, product performance and design, and have been used in automobile manufacturing and other industries.

2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition takes "strong foundation, quality first, internal and external collaboration, low-carbon development" as the theme, around this theme FabricAir will also continue to take the product as the fundamental to constantly improve quality, based on the Chinese market together with the Danish headquarters to provide more green and low carbon fabric air distribution system for the HVAC industry.

The gathering is always short, and we will get together again next year. We sincerely thank every customer who comes to our booth to visit and discuss new business development of the industry. In 2022, we will wait for you in Chongqing!